jQuery + ajax dialog + load external content

I was intrigued by Ray Camden's blog about simple dialog popups with jQuery. I saw some of his examples and wanted to take them a step further.


His example shows that the content is inline with the document and the jQuery code just extracts it from the page and shows it in a dialog box. Cool, yeah, but...what if you wanted to pull in external content?

This is what I came up with:

    //define config object
var dialogOpts = {
        title: "My First AJAX dialog",
        modal: true,
        autoOpen: false,
        height: 500,
        width: 500,
        open: function() {
        //display correct dialog content
$("#example").dialog(dialogOpts);    //end dialog
        function (){
            return false;


The "example" div is within the page. It's blank. But, get's populated by the open option within the dialog options. That's how I got around it.

Can anyone tell me if this is the "best practices" way of doing this? Is there a better more efficient way?

Dialog Demo

Massimo Foti's Gravatar Personally, in such a scenario I prefer to load iframes inside the dialogs. It makes debugging much easier. See:
# Posted By Massimo Foti | 3/22/09 3:04 AM
Cary's Gravatar Another option is:
         title: "My First AJAX dialog",
modal: true,
autoOpen: false,
height: 500,
width: 500
# Posted By Cary | 4/12/09 7:05 PM
Dada's Gravatar Great job!!

Is it possible to load an external webpage such as http://www.google.com ?? I've tried, but the box disappears. What changes would it need to load a url?

Thanks in advance!
# Posted By Dada | 4/14/09 3:53 AM
jorre's Gravatar yet another option

var dialogOpts = {
      modal: true,
      bgiframe: true,
      autoOpen: false,
      height: 500,
      width: 500,
      draggable: true,
      resizeable: true,
$("#example").dialog(dialogOpts);   //end dialog
      function() {
         $("#example").load("test.html", [], function(){
         return false;
# Posted By jorre | 1/21/10 6:52 AM
Brian Lang's Gravatar Your original post worked exactly they way I needed it to. Thank you for posting!
# Posted By Brian Lang | 2/2/10 2:02 PM
Jason Buberel's Gravatar Thank you! This example (and the follow-ups) are exactly what I was looking for. Works like a charm!

# Posted By Jason Buberel | 2/16/10 8:39 PM
miro's Gravatar very good script. nice bat i have problem width download css images. Dialog I see widthout close icon on top right position.

Please help me width this

# Posted By miro | 3/2/10 1:46 PM
dave's Gravatar Hi, this is great and i can get it to work (i'm no coder by the way0, the problem i have now though is, the external page i'm trying to pull into the DIV is a php page which holds a jquery tab page, the content shows but not the tabs properly, they just show like this:
Tab 1
Tab 2
Tab 3
and don't change on float over, other dialog boxes i have done this but using iframes, any suggestions on how to fix, i'm stuck

# Posted By dave | 3/14/10 12:29 PM
Admin's Gravatar @Dave: Do you have an example somewhere I ca look at? Post your code at http://jsbin.com/ if you can.

@Miro: You too. Can you post an example code so that I can check it out?
# Posted By Admin | 3/14/10 12:38 PM
Ali's Gravatar Awesome solution, exactly what I was looking for my website. Cheers !!!
# Posted By Ali | 3/20/10 9:05 PM
Ali's Gravatar Please check how I have implemented it in my website:
# Posted By Ali | 3/20/10 9:06 PM
# Posted By saç ekimi | 4/24/10 5:20 AM
Miguet Schwab's Gravatar You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for this post.
# Posted By Miguet Schwab | 7/8/10 12:28 PM
lorembolo's Gravatar Thx, it works fine. But, how can I do if I want to have severall links opening each one a different content in the same dialog ?
# Posted By lorembolo | 8/10/10 8:50 AM
BRG's Gravatar My website is under construction and I want to create dialogs for several web pages that have links on a navigation menu. I want the dialog to popup when the menu item is clicked. Currently when the item is clicked a new page is opened and I want it them to be dialogs instead. How can I do this from the navigation menu?
# Posted By BRG | 9/21/10 1:24 PM
hunkar katranci's Gravatar Another one of the open window can be opened at?
# Posted By hunkar katranci | 10/20/10 9:41 PM
rvdb's Gravatar Hi,

I think there's a way around your hardcoded <div id="example"/> 'compromise'. You can have that generated by JQuery as well. Something like:

$('#showdialog').click(function (){
$('<div id="example"/>')
return false;

Great post, thanks!
# Posted By rvdb | 3/9/11 2:12 PM
Ahmet Varol's Gravatar Hi,
at these codes with jquery ui 1.8.11, dialog box open but the content of link not load and give no error but all of them works with ui 1.7.22. please help me.
# Posted By Ahmet Varol | 4/6/11 12:30 PM
prashant's Gravatar perfect, original post works for me.
# Posted By prashant | 6/30/11 4:26 PM
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Fabian's Gravatar Hi, I did the same that you said, but when I click on an hyperlink inside the dialog, it refresh me all the web page but I wants to continue the navigation inside the dialog.

here is my code:

<script type="text/javascript">
function openPopUp(link, title, x, y, deshabilitado) {
var div = $('<div />').load(link).dialog(
          canMinimize: true,
          modal: deshabilitado,
          canMaximize: true,
          show: "blind",
          title: title,
          width: y,
          height: x,
          buttons: {
          Cerrar: function () {
          if (confirm("Desea cerrar la ventana y salir? Los datos que no haya guardado seran descartados.")) {
# Posted By Fabian | 8/9/11 8:23 PM
Sangam Uprety's Gravatar Wanna to load another web page from one using jquery dialog. I mean the way lightbox does. Let me try your way..
# Posted By Sangam Uprety | 8/17/11 7:26 AM
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